Profile & Production

Hotelphilosophy, founded in 1985, is an established manufacturer of quality hotel guest-cosmetics.

Thanks to flexible and versatile production processes, a professional approach to customer service, as well as extensive experience at national and international level, Hotelphilosophy enjoys a distinctive position on the market and offers a rich and varied product line, from Hotelphilosophy' collections to customized products.

Production processes are fully automated and lead to a finished product. Our experience and substantial investments in technology allow Hotelphilosophy to offer a personalised production process that can support small, as well as larger orders.

Hotelphilosophy' products are environmentally friendly and great importance is given to the research and development of new and safe chemical processes.

Search of quality and select design lead to a unique product, reflecting customer exclusive image.

Fully produced in Italy, cosmetics are delicate in the formulation and gentle on the skin.

Hotelphilosophy: quality Hotel guest supplies.


Please feel free to contact us to receive the advice of one of our specialists to offer you the best solution for the needs of Your hotel.